What type of attestat do you require when work with Webmoney?

To work with our system you need to have formal attestat. Other things are individual to each case.

Do you have an automated exchanger?

Our exchanger operates in semi-automatic mode. Term of application ranges from 5 minutes to 30 minutes, on business days, depending on the accounting workload. Payment processing is also dependent on the work of banks. Banks are open on banking days, which do not include weekends and holidays. Our financial services in Russia’s national holidays working in standby mode and execution of applications may be longer than usual, but not more than 72 hours since the inception of the application on business days

Are there any additional fees?

Yes. Additional fee may be taken if the bank takes some additional fees towards your exchange.

What is an affilate program?

Do you want to earn with us? Sign up on our website and you will be able to participate in our affiliate program!
Affiliate program – kind of earnings for registered users of our service, in the form of awards for customer exchanges that have come to us through your referral link. The personal account you will get an affiliate link and promotional materials in which you can attract customers and thus earn money.

Referral charges for the exchange of your referrals:

Amount Royalties
> 0 5%
> 10000 7%
> 40000 10%

What is discount system?

We offer an accumulative system of discounts for our regular customers, thanks to which the exchanges become more profitable.

Whether you work with cash?

Yes. We have express delivery in several regions of Russia. For more information, please contact our consultants online

Do you have a limit on the amount ?

Yes. It depends on the direction of currency exchange.

The position of the circumstances of force majeure

Exchange office jojo.cash is not responsible for client’s funds and is not required to make the transfer of funds, if for any reason payment system for receiving and / or sending a payment system means ceased to exist / operate. Regulations apply to payments and applications to 10 working days before the date of termination of the payment system. In this context, the customer will address all of the claims payment system itself. Through the exchange with us, you fully agree with this position

How to contact support?

  • Live chat at the bottom right corner
  • phone: +79123001090
  • e-mail: [email protected]
  • telegram: @jojocash
  • whatsup: +79123001090
  • viber: +79123001090
  • skype: +79123001090
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